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Archival Mist®

Archival Mist® and EK Success

Preservation Technologies is proud to announce a partnership with EK Success Ltd., a New Jersey-based manufacturer of creative products who will market and distribute Preservation Technologies’ Archival Mist®. You may order Archival Mist or ask any questions by contacting EK Success Customer Care at 800.524.1349.

EK Success will distribute Preservation Technologies’ Archival Mist which preserves and protects cherished memories and keepsakes in scrapbooks.

Archival Mist helps paper resist the effect of age by neutralizing acid in paper keepsakes. It preserves and protects paper-based materials including letters, envelopes, newsprint, certificates, artwork, and pamphlets. Archival Mists is environmentally safe and its ingredients are non-toxic. Look for this and other EK Success products at your local craft and scrapbooking retailer.